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This is an updated version of one of our original products...the Brass Glow “Marker”.

For this version, we added brass beads to the technora lanyard for a little weight, and a hefty cast bronze finger ring for added grip. 

The name was changed to better reflect it’s multi-use capability, and because we just really like to say Kerfuffle. 

Kerfuffle? It’s a “disturbance or commotion usually caused by conflict” (Merriam Webster) Or in it’s original dialect of the Scots...fuffle - to throw into disorder. 

The Brass Kerfuffle is a solid brass ring with ridges along the side filled with our green glow-in-the-dark material. 

It measures roughly 1” in diameter and 1/2” thick with a 1/4” hole in the center. And is attached to a brass beaded Technora lanyard with a bronze finger ring.

The green glow fills the center, and can be seen from both sides. 

We hand patina each one to give them a darkened, aged look. The brass is then left natural and uncoated to allow it to continue to age and patina with use. 

Between the solid brass and solid glow, the Kerfuffle has some serious weight to it. The kind of serious weight that can do some serious damage if needed. 


The Brass Kerfuffle can be used and carried as a keychain, or simply carried in a pocket. It can also be attached to a bag/pack or molle webbing using the bronze finger ring. 


The Details:

  • approx 1” diameter, 1/2” thick
  • 1/4” hole in the center
  • green glow-in-the-dark can be seen from both sides
  • technora lanyard with brass beads
  • bronze finger ring - approx 1 1/4” outside diameter, 1” inner diameter
  • hand patina’d for an aged look & no shine


Please note that no other items seen in photos are included with purchase.


Last two photos courtesy of @ag_121699 and @classic_mcqueen , go give them some likes and a follow on Instagram. 


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