The Scapular 3.0 is now being sold in the new Ed's Manifesto web store at SAPgear.com! 

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From Ed at EdsManifesto.com

"This new version is to allow people to place whatever iconography they wish on these. The clear window version of these have a long history of use as reliquaries. Add your own story and tools to these new flaca escapulario..."



The new Scapular 3.0 from Ed's Manifesto!

The Scapular 3.0 is a double scapular with two sides instead of the single one we've had in the past. 

Each side has a clear window pocket to insert your own images & iconography. A Sneak Reaper tag sits behind one of the windows, and the other is solid black. 

Behind each window pocket is another small pocket similar to the one on previous scapulars. These pockets combined with the windows give you 4 pockets total...pockets!

The elastic loops have moved from the side to the bottom, and hold a mini chemlight.

As usual, we've used hard-wearing materials to construct the scapulars. The body is constructed from 500d Cordura®️ Nylon with reinforced seams. The window material is a commercial grade clear fabric that is made to withstand hard use & extreme temperatures unlike the often used clear vinyl. 

The necklace is 400 lb Kevlar cord attached with a strong, copper encased magnet for a quick on/off option.

Kevlar is a strong, synthetic aramid fiber with a high tensile strength-to-weight ratio. It is five times stronger than steel, and highly heat resistant. It also has very little stretch making it ideal in applications that require friction such as sawing or cutting.

Made in the USA using materials also Made in the USA.





  • size: 2" x 2.5" , inner pockets: 1.5" x 2"
  • body is black 500d Cordura®️Nylon mil-spec
  • commercial grade, high-end clear fabric windows
  • 2 window pockets, 2 regular pockets...4 pockets total
  • elastic loops on one side hold a mini chemlight 
  • 400lb Kevlar cord necklace
  • copper magnetic clasp
  • made in the USA with materials that are made in the USA



Please Note that while the magnetic clasp on this item could be considered a safety feature, DO NOT ever under any circumstance give this item to a child to wear or play with. We are not responsible for any injuries that may occur from the use of this item.






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