The GITD Mystery Grab Bag contains an assortment of our glow in the dark items, some of which have never been released.

A lot of the items are from our test runs when developing new products.

But just because they are test runs doesn't mean they glow any less. We do our tests just like they would be in production. 

Some items may be irregulars or what we call "rejects" from previously released products or regular stock items. We are very picky about what gets sent out, so our rejects typically only have a minor flaw like a piece of embedded fuzz/dust or non matching sprinkle. Sometimes something is slightly off center,unevenly poured, or just doesn't look perfect.


This is your chance to pick up some unique items from us, and get a little inside look into our test products at the same time. 

Each will have an assortment of glow items in various shapes and sizes with no less than 10 glow pieces. 




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