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We've taken these handy plastic spools and made them even handier.

Keep your favorite cordage nicely wrangled and easy to locate. They're the perfect size to carry just enough Kevlar, Technora, sewing thread, jute fire cord, fishing line, and more. 

The spools are made of plastic, and have a "flip top" to secure the cord and keep it from unraveling when not in use. When the top is flipped open, the cord is easy to access and unwind.

Their small size makes them easy to throw in a kit or pocket, and the center hole can be used to secure the spool(s) to the inside or outside of a bag with some paracord.


Grab just the spools in a pack of 3, or pick up a single spool with either 12 feet of 400lb black technora or 25 feet of 200lb black kevlar.


Please note the size of these. Measuring just under 2" diameter, these are not suited for holding 550 paracord or other "larger" cord.

They will comfortably hold 25 feet of 1mm cord like 200lb kevlar or similar.


The Details:

  • Size is just under 2" diameter
  • plastic spool with "flip top" lid to secure cord
  • cord is easy to access and unwind
  • easy to locate green glow in the dark

Available In:

  • pack of 3 spools only, no cord
  • 1 glow spool with 25 feet of 200lb black kevlar
  • 1 glow spool with 12 feet of 400lb black technora 





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