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GlowNutZ™️ Glow Markers are our original product, and continue to be our best selling. So we thought it was time for an upgrade!

The New GlowNutZ™️ 2.0 not only look better with their so tasty looking you could eat em frosting and real sprinkles, but they glow brighter too. 


GlowNutZ™️ are a glow-in-the-dark gear marker to help you easily locate items quickly in the dark.  

They can be attached to the outside of bags, packs, kits, etc...to make them easy to locate. Or used on the inside as a light source when trying to find specific items.

Use them where low light is needed to read a map, pick a lock, etc...

Keep one next to your firearm at night on the bedside table as a visual for a quick to grab if needed.

Use them around the house or in an unfamiliar hotel room to mark locations like entryways or exits. Hang one on the bathroom door for those late night gotta go’s. 

They also make a great way to always know where your child or your dog are when playing outside at night.

With a GlowNutZ™️ on your keychain you can always find the (key)hole.

GlowNutZ™️ can also be used when camping or hiking to mark a trail or tent. And they make a great just enough light source inside a tent too. 


Available In GREEN GLOW ONLY at this time.


GlowNutZ™️ are made with a non-radioactive and non-toxic material. They require no batteries or power, and can be recharged over and over. 

To get the absolute best glow we recommend “charging” them with a UV light source like the sun or a UV flashlight.

Exposing a GlowNutZ™️ to either of these lightsources for up to 30 mins will give them a full charge. When fully charged, the glow can be seen for up to 12 hours in the dark, sometimes more. 

Immediately after charging you will see the initial intense, excited glow state fade a little and “level out”. This is a result of how our eyes adjust in order to process light and color. 

The art of glow is a also a science. To learn more about how to get the best glow from your items visit our Glow Info Page.


We finish each donut by hand. And while we try to smooth the (inside & outside) edges as much as possible, there may be times when they are still a little sharp.

Because of this, we do not recommend giving them to children. You do so at your own risk, and we are not responsible for any injury that may occur. 

If the edges are still a little sharp they can be smoothed out further with some 400 grit (or higher) wet/dry sandpaper. Hold the donut at an angle to sand just the edges lightly. You can fold the paper and lightly sand around the inside edge as well. 


PRICE IS FOR 1 GLOWNUTZ ONLY. No other items seen in pics are included with purchase. 


Please see our current lead time stated above. We ship all items at a flat rate. You can purchase as many items as you'd like, and they'll ship at the same flat rate.

  • anywhere in the USA $4.00
  • Mexico $12.00
  • Canada $14.00 *please note rates have increased in 2021*
  • everywhere else $15.00



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