The P3 is our original and still best selling pouch.

It gets its name from the 3 pockets...2 outside slip pockets and the main zip pocket.

Because of the modifications made to the new v.3, we were able to add a fourth pocket on the back too.

Modifications? What Modifications?

The original P3 design had what .e. thought to be a minor flaw. When items are placed in the front pockets, the usable space in the main pocket is reduced. It can also make retrieving items from the main area overly complicated.

This became something that .e. just couldn't shake, and had to fix. After multiple design and materials changes, nothing was coming together right.

A lot of times when trying to solve a problem, it's easy to overthink it. Our minds tell us a complicated problem must need a complicated solution. But usually if we take a step back and remember the basics, we're able to see it.

And there it was...

The Gusset!

P3 v.3 adds 1.5" expandable side gussets.

This allows the pouch to lay flat when only carrying a few items, and expand when you need to carry more.

The gussets also solve the issue of access to items in the main pocket by simply expanding when you need to get stuff out.

This also allowed us to add a full size back pocket. It's the perfect size for a field notes size notebook if that's your jam, or another row of tools if it isn't.

The size of the v.3 pouch is just slightly larger than the original at 4" x 5.75" (the original P3 is 3.5" x 5.5").

We did this to allow you to carry a notebook, and to accommodate longer pens and tools as well.


The second run of the P3 v.3 is available in solid black, and in one of our favorite materials...420d Robic nylon.

Robic is a custom woven and produced ripstop nylon fabric. It is super strong and durable with a UTS coating. Unlike the usual PU coating found on Cordura®️, UTS is formulated to increase tear strength while offering excellent hydrolysis performance.

In other words, this fabric is super tough and highly water resistant. It's also custom made in the USA.


The zippers are our usual YKK brand. We went with a slightly smaller zipper this time, using a #5 instead of #8. The #5 are just as durable without being overly bulky on a small pouch.


The new P3 v.3 is finished off with our signature mil-spec elastic pulls on each end. We've beefed these up too, making them slightly wider at 1.5". The wider width is helpful when using the elastic to hold extra items like chapstick, lighter, etc.



  • size is 4" x 5.75" - slightly bigger than the original P3 (3.5" x 5.5")
  • two front slip pockets for holding pens, tools, etc...
  • main center zip pocket is the full size of the pouch
  • new single back slip pocket is the perfect size for a field notes size notebook or more tools/pens
  • new 1.5" expanding side gussets that lay flat or expand with how much you put in the pouch
  • first run in black 420d Robic nylon fabric
  • YKK #5 zipper
  • our signature mil-spec elastic pulls on each end are now wider at 1.5" instead of the usual 1"


Please note: No other items seen in photos are included with purchase. They are used for scale, and to demonstrate pouch usage. You are purchasing a single P3 v.3 Pouch only.




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