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We know not everyone can make it to Blade Show Atlanta, so each year after the show we have our annual Left Behind Sale.

Some products are offered as Blade Show exclusives, and available at the show only. But we want to include those that can't make it as much as possible, and will typically offer something similar like a different color way of the exclusive product.

This year our exclusive product was The Nutsack. It was available at the show only in TigerStripe, Baja, or MulticamBlack, and we are offering them for the Left Behind Sale in two colors...Saudi Gray Choc Chip and BlackOut.


The NutSack was originally developed by .e. as a way to easily sort and transport each of the different "flavors" of GlowNutZ to Blade Show. This is how they got their name too.

As we used them more we realized they were handy for lots of other things as well. We found ourselves grabbing them for stuff like change, ammo, and small sorted kits.

One of our favorite uses has become using them for ammo. A single NutSack will hold 500 rounds of 22LR, 175 rounds of 9mm, or 100 rounds of 556.
We also love them for picking up or sorting brass for reloading.


We are offering the NutSacks in two colors for the sale...Saudi Gray Choc Chip and BlackOut.

The Saudi Gray Choc Chip is a gray copy of the six-color desert camo pattern used by the US military. It is made out of ripstop ny/co (nylon/cotton) with shades of gray and tan.

The BlackOut is made with solid black 500d mil-spec Cordura nylon.

Both colors use our favorite black 420d nylon ripstop fabric for the lining and drawstring top.

They measure 3" x 3" when closed and 5" tall with the drawstring top open.

Black 550 paracord drawstring closure can be tied for extra security.



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