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*** We found a few more pouches after the original drop, so they're available now until gone ***


The Burro XL is a slightly larger version of our original Burro Pouch, and updated with a new bifold design.

It is made to be a small, easily concealed pouch to stash tiny tools like picks, shims, handcuff keys, etc.

The elastic loop on the end allows the pouch to be attached to a button for hidden concealment. When used with jeans/pants, the Burro tucks nicely in the area right behind your zipper. 

First attach the elastic loop around your jeans/pants button, then button up like normal. Push the pouch inside your zipper and zip up. You can adjust the pouch from the inside to fit in the area right behind your zipper. (See pic)

The new bi-fold design adds another carry option as well. You can fold the pouch over a cord, necklace, belt etc before securing with the elastic closure.


The Burro XL measures 1.25" x 3.25" when closed (not including elastic loop).

Please note the dimensions listed. This is a very small purpose-built pouch, probably smaller than you're picturing. We have put a pic on the page to give you an idea of it next to a regular size Bic lighter.

When open, the pouch measures roughly 1.25" x 6.5". It has 2 pockets inside to hold your essential tiny tools.

The Burro XL is secured closed with an elastic closure, and has an additional elastic loop for attaching to buttons, etc.

It's made with our favorite 420d Robic Nylon fabric in black. Robic is a strong, lightweight fabric with a ripstop weave and water resistant coating. We love this fabric for a lot of things, but it is especially great for super small pouches like the Burro XL. 



  • size is 1.25" x 3.25" closed (see size comparison pic with regular Bic lighter)
  • made with 420d Robic Nylon fabric in Black
  • (2) inside pockets for essential tiny tools
  • elastic closure
  • additional elastic loop for attachment to buttons for discreet carry
  • bifold design can be used as a secondary carry method on cord, belt, etc...


The Burro XL is handmade in our studio in East Tennessee using only materials made in the USA.



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