The rosary 2.0 is our take on a modern, upgraded version of the traditional rosary.


We eliminated the “drop” that holds the pendant, while still maintaining the original bead count.

The current edition does not have a pendant, but you can add one yourself if you’d like by simply attaching a jump ring between the necklace and pendant.

We’ve kept our proprietary magnetic closure and no knot stringing.

By eliminating knots and using a special closure on the cord ends, potential failure points are significantly reduced.

Strung on Technora 400.

We use the strongest, highest quality magnetic closure available, and it’s made in the USA.


This round comes in 2 styles:

  • Black Lava with Blue Sodalite


  • Black Lava with Spiderweb Jasper (tones of grays and black with a pattern resembling a spiderweb)

Black Lava Rock is a type of igneous rock. It's made when molten volcanic rock (Basalt) cools and becomes solid. It has a porous, textured surface and has some irregularities in its shape. 

Because the rock is born out of the fiery heat underneath the earth's surface, its energy represents rebirth or renewal.

Lava rock is a grounding stone. It balances emotions. It brings calmness, strength, and courage.


Sodalite is a tectosilicate rock forming mineral named for it's sodium content.

It's used to organize the mind. It promote rational thought, objectivity, and perception. 

Blue Sodalite is considered a guardian for heroes. It triggers your survival instinct, and reminds you to tap into your instincts as well.


Spiderweb Jasper is a patterned gemstone comprised of sub-angular feldspar in a matrix of amphibole crystals.

It brings strength of will and self discipline. It helps us persevere and turn ideas into action.

Spiderweb Jasper drives away negativity, and gives protective energies.


The rosaries measure approx. 14"-15" when closed, and around 30" when unclasped from magnet to magnet. 

All of our rosaries are shipped well protected in a matte black tin that can be used to hold your rosary when not worn, or re-purposed into a handy kit container.







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