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Valhalla - The Hall of the Fallen

In Valhalla are 540 doors, and thru each door 800 warriors can walk side by side.

The roof is made of shields, and has spears for its rafters. Seats made of breastplates surround the many feasting tables. It’s gates are guarded by wolves, and eagles fly above it.

The Valhalla Rosary is a first of its kind. The bead count is represented in the numbers 3 and 9. These numbers are found and repeated often throughout Norse history.


Each rosary is handstrung by us in our studio in Tennessee. We use only the highest quality materials combined with professional jewelry-making techniques.

The first and last “beads” on the rosary are a part of this technique. They look a little different than the other beads, but blend in seamlessly. We use a special crimp on the beginning and ending cords to make sure the knots in these areas don’t work themselves loose over time. The crimps are then covered with these special beads to blend them in. 

They are also made so the amulet can be removed and changed easily if you want a different look for a different day or occasion.



We use earthy stones mixed with metal to give the Rosary a rugged look.

The beads are 8mm Black Lava stones with 4-5mm darkened copper spacers. 

Lava Stone beads are a type of igneous rock. When a volcano erupts, the molten lava spreads and cools forming a stone.  The stone is naturally porous and bumpy - not uniform like a typical round bead - giving these beads a great texture and look. Our lava stones are lightly waxed so the texture doesn’t irritate the skin. 

All of the metal beads in our rosaries are raw metal. What this means is they are not coated, and will continue to age and patina with time. With continued wear and use you will notice the metal beads loosing some of their stark copper or brass color, and start to oxidize and get darker. This is the natural aging of metal.

Note also that due to the raw metal, you may experience some greening on your skin from time to time. Again, this is the natural process of aging metal. It washes off, but it's actually quite healing and good for your body.

We do not recommend this rosary to those with a metal allergy.



The base of each rosary is black Kevlar 200. Our Kevlar fiber is made in the USA by Dupont, and is 100% Kevlar with no fillers (yes, that’s a thing!). It is assembled and braided in the USA by a Veteran Owned Business. 

Kevlar is a strong, synthetic aramid fiber with a high tensile strength-to-weight ratio. It is five times stronger than steel, and highly friction resistant.



We use a high quality, made in the USA magnetic closure. It is purposely placed at the amulet end should the rosary need to be used in less than favorable circumstances.



The amulet is a replica darkened Bronze Double Raven Head bead hanger made from an original Viking Age artifact. It is handmade and hand cast by a metal artisan in the USA.


All rosaries are shipped well protected in a black metal tin that can hold your rosary when not in use or be repurposed into a handy kit container. We will also include some extra pendant rings to make removing and changing pendants quicker and easier. This will also keep the rings from loosing their hold over time if they are removed a lot. 


Please Note that while the magnetic clasp on this item could be considered a safety feature, DO NOT ever under any circumstance give this item to a child to wear or play with. We are not responsible for any injuries that may occur from the use of this item.


Rosaries are Made-to-Order, our current lead time is 3-4 weeks.

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